Travel Feet Super Full Length Walker

Welcome to the Ultimate in Orthotic Supports; The Super full length cushioned Balance Walker

Comprised of the Travel Feet Walker arch supports and a 4.5mm quality cushioned hand finished top cover. Designed to replace your existing insole, the Super Walker turns any shoe you own into a high end custom product.

Correct your POSTURE and improve your BALANCE,  just like our famous Travel Feet shells, but with the added comfort of a fully attached 4.5mm high quality insole!

SHIFT THE LIFT - Your feet love change so this twin pack includes the Super Full Length Worker, for running, hiking or sports performance

Relieve Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Pain by lifting your posture - and your entire body - to a more natural way of standing, walking and running.

Why limit your orthotic to sports shoes alone? Our  'no heel cup' design means the super full length walker can go into almost any shoe but still provides the same great arch support and comfort.