The Original Balance Travel Feet

Travel Feet are the World's THINNEST arch supports that can fit into any shoe. Made from a special "Bionic Blend" that moves with your feet and takes on your own body temperature instantly.

Correct your POSTURE and improve your BALANCE! Comfortable and durable. Can be placed on top or under your insoles.

Feet love change so SHIFT THE LIFT. The original Travel Feet come in a two pair bonus pack and for best results you should rotate both balance lifts in your footwear; 

The Blue WALKER shells provide a MEDIUM lift for EVERYDAY use. Use them in your day to day shoes for walking or working and feel less fatigue and more energy by the end of the day.

The Grey WORKER shells offer a HIGH Lift for extra POWER in work or play. Use them in your sports shoes for better performance or your work shoes if your on your feet all day.

Relieve Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Pain by lifting your posture - and your entire body - to a more natural way of standing, walking and running.