Foot Supports International Limited

As the original founder of GoodFeet Worldwide, Joseph Polifroni opened GoodFeet stores in California in 1994 and within five years had over 100 stores across the USA selling millions of pairs a year. GoodFeet is still very successful and continues to use the original product lines developed by Mr Polifroni.

In 2008 Mr Polifroni created a new company; Foot Supports International, based in New Zealand, to create a better support that was more affordable for the normal consumer.  After over 18 years of experience in bringing balance to people’s lives as well as spending significant time and investment in research, Mr Polifroni designed and developed a new patented product range of foot inserts using the latest technology available, naming the line "Balance Supports". FSI's Balance Support range is the thinnest and most effective foot support product in the market place today.

FSI’s current international line of orthotics is the result of years of development coupled with long experience in fitting and manufacturing orthotics and its worldwide patented line of foot supports solve all manner of posture and balance problems. Human biomechanics drive the foundation of the FSI support line; by repositioning a person’s arch and foot, lifting weight from pressure points and balancing the entire body a persons pain instantly goes away. Balance supports solve problems that mainstream medicine are unable to remedy without surgery and are frequently used as a first line referral option by Doctors and Physiotherapists.