Exclusive Global Distribution

"If you can get exclusive distribution, you're not likely to have competition directed at that same product"

FSI recognises that a manufacturer/distributor relationship can work far more efficiently if the distributor knows they won’t be dealing with additional competition in their chosen marketplace. FSI has already contracted exclusive rights in several countries around the world to key partners; including China and Malaysia.

Our worldwide patents and trademarks gives our distributors the confidence to bring our products to thier national markets.

"If we are going to put all this time, energy and financial resources into the product, it made the most sense to be an exclusive distributor"

By obtaining exclusive rights to a country,state or region of there country our distributors know that the time and investment they are making to maximise their chosen sales channels are being well spent. Our products are the best in the industry and have a twenty year track record in a range of industries. Talk to us about securing your regions exclusive distribution rights.