Sales Channels

Foot Supports Internationals product range has a wide and varied global audience appeal. Providing instant balance and better posture appeals to all people but over 16% of all adults will also experience chronic foot or ankle pain at some stage in their lives. A high quality orthotic is one of the first steps in helping relieve the symptoms of lower limb pain.


Foot Support Centres

As already proven in multiple outlets in the United States, retail chains that specialise in orthotics can provide for an extremely successful business platform.

With a range of over 60 orthotic products, FSI can provide for any consumers requirments and budget. The use of an environment that provides for a one on one personal fitting service is particularly successful in this sector and our Foot Centre retail model has proven very succesful

While a normal retail setting is certainly an option, Foot Centres work well within medical centre rooms or office parks. Customers will travel to you for personal fittings, saving costs on expensive retail frontage rents.

It has never been a better time to move into a specialist retail market due to the availability of retail space and the volume of online options reaching critical mass. Amongst the hundreds of online products, a personal one on one service cannot be surpassed. 



Perfect for areas of heavy foot traffic, FSI have designed unique kiosks to create an instant personalised fitting service to consumers.

Malls, tourist walks, shopping centres and department stores all have room for an FSI professional kiosk within their floor space.

Used as an accompanying sales platform for a separate retail range already in-store or as a standalone sales booth, the FSI Kiosk is a modular versatile sales unit ready to provide instant personalised fittings to consumers or simply an attractive and eye catching stand for your line of FSI orhtotics. 


Tradeshows & Medical fields

There are a wide range of independent retail stores around the world that source many of there new lines direct from tradeshows. FSI has a complete library of tradeshow-ready media to support your sales within this area.

Recommended by medical professionals, orthotics are widely used in the medical field. Sometimes prescribed pre or post surgery to help with rehabilitation, a quality orthotic can help the recovey process of a patient. Chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other health professionals all have patients that can benefit from using an orthotic in relieving pain. These all represent additional markets for a distributor to sell to.