Product Range

Foot supports International offers distributors and wholesalers a wide range of high quality arch supports to suit a mixture of markets. Take a moment to browse our selection of arch supports and Contact us with any questions about distribution or wholesale options. FSI works globally and can provide our range to any market in the world.


TravelFeet 2:1 Everyday Combo

Travel Feet are the World's THINNEST arch supports that can fit into any shoe. Made from a special "Bionic Blend" that takes on your own body temperature instantly.

The original Travel Feet come in a two pair bonus pack to provide customers value for money; 

The Blue WALKER supports provide a medium lift for everyday use while the Grey WORKER supports offer a high lift for extra power in work or play.

For the relief of Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Pain by providing instant Balance & Posture for a more natural way of standing, walking and running.


TravelFeet 2:1 Full Length Insole & Support

FSI's ultimate Orthotic Supports; Comprised of the Travel Feet Walker arch supports and a 4.5mm quality cushioned hand finished top cover. Designed to replace your existing insole, the Super Walker turns any shoe into a high end custom product.

The patented  'no heel cup' design means the super full length walker can go into almost any shoe but still provides the same great arch support and comfort. In today's modern footwear of slim fit, slim design, this is a very important feature for our product line

Included in the combo is a pair of Sandalmates for use in open toed sandals.

Relieve Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Pain by combining the benefits of a Travelfeet WALKER and cushioned insole to get instant Balance and Posture.


Balance YOU 2:1 Power lift combo

The Balance YOU range is based on the highly successfull TravelFeet line but aimed at a lower price point market

Still designed as a two pair bonus pack to provide customers value for money the Balance YOU range offers consumers; 

A red Powerlift support providing a high lift orthotioc for people on there feet all day or those looking for a boost to sports. The blue medium support provides an option for day to day life and walking.

For the relief of Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip and Back Pain with instant Balance & Posture.